The best Japan SIM in 2023 – A Buyers Guide

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best esim japan guide

Hi guys it’s Tony,

Japan has opened up inbound travel to international tourists from October 2022. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has managed to book your tickets, the next thing you should do is to purchase a Japan Travel eSIM!

So what is the best Japan travel SIM? We think the answer is the NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM!

TLDR: NorthSIM Japan Travel SIM is the most affordable option starting from AUD $19.95, USD $13.50, EUR 13. It has great connectivity and fast speeds. Best of all it is delivered to you instantly and all you need to do to use it is scan a QR code!

Get a Japan Travel eSIM

Getting connected in Japan can be a little tricky even for those who are frequent visitors! For foreigners it’s nearly impossible to get a Japan mobile service (unless you intend to stay in Japan for an extended period).

This is why the NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM is so convenient! Our eSIM can be bought for as little as AUD$19.95/USD$13.45/EUR12.80 and lasts for 30 days. It’s super popular as a mobile data service for tourists to Japan as you can prepurchase this before you step foot on a plane!

The activation is as simple as scanning a QR code and there are no additional requirements for ID/passport scans, you can avoid the hassle of finding a kiosk at Narita, Haneda or Kansai International Airport. Simply purchase the eSIM, scan the QR, enable the eSIM when you land and turn on data roaming!

The NorthSIM Japan eSIM is a 100% prepaid mobile data service. There are no sneaky charges or monthly fees, no additional consumption taxes or VAT, no booking/reservation or cancellation fees, and unlike renting a pocket wifi device – you won’t be liable for device damage and need to worry about returning it.

Our eSIM is a mobile data only service, which means you won’t get a Japanese phone number to make/receive calls/sms. If you need to make calls/sms you can utilise VoIP services such as Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat/Line!

Here’s our Japan eSIM compared to some of the products you can buy from most major Japan airports. We’ve chosen Tokyo Narita as our reference point as it’s the main International Airport in Tokyo so it is likely to have more options compared with other airports.

Tokyo Narita Airport Travel SIM Options: 


 NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIMSIM Card Vending Machine at NaritaSIM Card Stores at NaritaElectronics Store SIM Card

From $A19.95


(approx. $A55)


(approx. $A70)


(approx. $A20)



Validity (days)


Network Speed


Instant Delivery


Online Booking RequiredNoNoNoNo
In-person Pickup RequiredNo


1F International Arrival Floor





ID Required?NoYesYes?
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