The best Japan SIM in 2023 – A Buyers Guide

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The best Japan SIM

Japan has opened up inbound travel to international tourists from October 2022. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has managed to book your tickets, the next thing you should do is to purchase a Japan Travel eSIM!

So what is the best Japan Travel SIM? We think the answer is the NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM! The Japan Travel eSIM comes with all the benefits of a Japan Travel SIM but is even more convenient and affordable!

TLDR: NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM is the most affordable option starting from AUD $19.95, USD $13.50, EUR 13. It has great connectivity and fast speeds. Best of all it is delivered to you instantly and all you need to do to use it is scan a QR code!

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The NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM has all the benefits of the best Japan Travel SIM cards, in an eSIM format. Which means it is much more convenient and easy to access than a physical SIM card. Here are some things you should look out for when buying a Japan Travel SIM

The best Japan SIM: Convenience

The best Japan SIM cards offer incredible convenience to travelers. Instead of purchasing a local SIM card upon arrival, which may require documentation and language barriers, you can often order a Japan Travel SIM card in advance and have it delivered to your home or hotel. This means you’ll have connectivity from the moment you land in Japan.

The best Japan SIM: Instant Connectivity

Once you insert the Japan SIM card into your device, you’ll have immediate access to high-speed data, calls, and texts. This eliminates the need to search for local mobile providers and navigate complex registration processes.

The best Japan SIM: Cost-Efficiency

The best Japan SIM cards are designed to offer competitive rates, especially for data usage. This can save you money compared to international roaming charges from your home carrier. You can choose a SIM card that suits your data requirements, ensuring you don’t overspend.

The best Japan SIM High-Speed Data:

Japan is known for its fast and reliable mobile networks. With the best Japan SIMs, you can enjoy high-speed data, which is essential for using maps, translating language, and staying connected with friends and family during your travels.

The best Japan SIM: Flexibility

The best Japan SIM cards come in various durations, allowing you to choose the one that matches the length of your stay. Whether you’re in Japan for a few days or several weeks, there’s likely a SIM card plan that suits your needs.

The best Japan SIM: Ease of Use

The best Japan SIM cards are designed to be user-friendly. Simply insert the card into your device, follow the setup instructions, and you’re good to go. Most cards also offer English-language customer support in case you encounter any issues.

The best Japan SIM: Compatibility

The best Japan SIM cards are typically compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and portable Wi-Fi devices, ensuring you can stay connected no matter what device you’re using.

The best Japan SIM: No Commitment

Unlike local Japanese mobile plans, Japan Travel SIM cards do not require contracts or commitments. You can use the card for the duration of your trip and dispose of it when you leave, with no lingering obligations. If you really need a physical Japan travel SIM here are some options from Narita Airport.

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Get a Japan Travel eSIM

Getting connected in Japan can be a little tricky even for those who are frequent visitors! For foreigners it’s nearly impossible to get a Japan mobile service (unless you intend to stay in Japan for an extended period).

This is why the NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM is so convenient! Our eSIM can be bought for as little as AUD$19.95/USD$13.45/EUR12.80 and lasts for 30 days. It’s super popular as a mobile data service for tourists to Japan as you can prepurchase this before you step foot on a plane!

The activation is as simple as scanning a QR code and there are no additional requirements for ID/passport scans, you can avoid the hassle of finding a kiosk at Narita, Haneda or Kansai International Airport. Simply purchase the eSIM, scan the QR, enable the eSIM when you land and turn on data roaming!

The NorthSIM Japan eSIM is a 100% prepaid mobile data service. There are no sneaky charges or monthly fees, no additional consumption taxes or VAT, no booking/reservation or cancellation fees, and unlike renting a pocket wifi device – you won’t be liable for device damage and need to worry about returning it.

Our eSIM is a mobile data only service, which means you won’t get a Japanese phone number to make/receive calls/sms. If you need to make calls/sms you can utilise VoIP services such as Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat/Line!

Here’s our Japan eSIM compared to some of the products you can buy from most major Japan airports. We’ve chosen Tokyo Narita as our reference point as it’s the main International Airport in Tokyo so it is likely to have more options compared with other airports.

Tokyo Narita Airport Japan Travel SIM Options: 


  NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM SIM Card Vending Machine at Narita SIM Card Stores at Narita Electronics Store SIM Card

From $A19.95


(approx. $A55)


(approx. $A70)


(approx. $A20)



100MB/Day 3GB 5GB
Validity (days)


14 31 10
Network Speed


Instant Delivery


No No No
Online Booking Required No No No No
In-person Pickup Required No


1F International Arrival Floor





ID Required? No Yes Yes ?
Buy Now Buy Now More Info More Info More Info