Japan Travel eSIM


The best Japan Travel SIM

  • Compatible with recent iPhones (XS/11/12/13/14 and onwards) and Android.
  • Super easy activation – simply scan the QR code!
  • Check if your device is compatible
  • Data only eSIM for use in Japan (no calls or SMS)
  • Lightning fast 4G LTE internet up to 110Mbps download
  • Great network coverage across Japan
  • Flexible data options available

👉 Everything you need to know about the Japan Travel eSIM

  • iPhones from XS/XR/11/12/13/14 onwards (excluding dual SIM phones purchased from China) will support eSIM.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 onwards will support eSIM.
  • Google Pixel 3 onwards will support eSIM.
  • Please check the list here if unsure please confirm with your device manufacturer or contact us.
How to use our eSIM

  • Once your payment has been successfully process you will immediately receive an email with a QR code to add the eSIM to your device.
  • Data only eSIM (no local voice/text service). We recommend customers use Skype/Whatsapp/Viber to make calls if required.
Data Limits and Expiry
  • Daily usage limit is cumulative meaning you have 30 days to use up all the data.
  • Expiry for the eSIM is 30 days. A day is counted as 24 hours from the moment your eSIM connects to the network operator.
  • Once purchased you have 3 months to use the eSIM
  • Activation can be done immediately or within 90 days after purchase
  • The eSIM can be added to your device by scanning a QR code or adding the code manually..
  • The eSIM is only activated once it connects to the local network operator, this process happens automatically once the eSIM has been added to your device.
Network Coverage

The Japan Travel eSIM provides connectivity to the 4G LTE NTTDocomo/KDDI network


Do I need to configure APN settings?

In most cases you will not need to manually set the APN for the Japan eSIM. However if required the APN settings are:

APN: vmobile.jp

Can I recharge my eSIM?

No, you cannot recharge your eSIM. Once the data limit is used up or the eSIM expires you can purchase another eSIM from our website.

Can I move/transfer my eSIM to another device?

No, once your eSIM has been scanned it will remain on the device until you remove it. Once the eSIM has been removed it cannot be readded to another device. Please only scan the provided eSIM QR code on the device you intend to add the eSIM to.