Instant Prepaid Roaming Data

The best prepaid travel eSIM!

The NorthSIM Guarantee

Lightning Fast Data

We partner with the best local networks to ensure your roaming data is lightning fast!

Easy to Use

Super easy to use and activate. Compatible with most Apple and Android devices.

Instant Delivery

Delivered straight to your email, access your eSIM in under 5 minutes.

No Hidden Costs

Flexible prepaid data, no additional roaming charges or network fees. 

How an eSIM works

Our prepaid travel eSIM  is super easy to use and works with most iPhones and Android phones! Simply choose an eSIM. Check you email for the QR code. Scan the QR code and install it on your compatible phone.

Choose your eSIM

Check your Email

Scan QR code and install

Switch to eSIM when you land

Benefits of eSIMs


Don’t get ripped off buying a roaming package from your network carrier or at the airport kiosk!


Choose the amount of data you need for your trip! As little or as much as you want – the choice is yours!


Don’t worry about forgetting to pack your travel SIM or bringing your SIM ejection tool. Once you scan the eSIM QR code – that’s all!


Travelling between South East Asia, Europe or North America? We’ve got the eSIMs to make sure you can stay connected wherever you go!

Minutes for your prepaid travel eSIM to arrive in your inbox

Compatible eSIM Devices

Easy to use QR code

Connected Travellers

Simply scan to QR code with your compatible device. Not convinced?

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