5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Pocket WiFi Japan

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Pocket WiFi Japan – 5 Reasons Why You Get a Japan Travel eSIM instead!

Here’s why you shouldn’t get a Pocket WiFi in Japan….

Hi guys, it’s Tony here. I’ve just returned from Japan after 2.5 weeks and Japan is packed with tourists! When I landed at Haneda Airport the line queuing up for Travel SIMs and Pocket WiFi Rentals was so long it nearly went to the next terminal.

pocket wifi japan 

You definitely do not want to start your holiday lining up for a pocket WiFI Japan rental or at a SIM card kiosk. Let’s delve into the advantages of using the NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM over hiring a pocket WiFi device. Let’s discover why the NorthSIM eSIM stands out as the superior choice.

Convenience and Simplicity (compared to Pocket WiFi Japan):

The NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM offers unparalleled convenience. Instead of carrying around a separate device, the eSIM seamlessly integrates with your smartphone or compatible device. Simply activate the eSIM, and you’re ready to explore Japan with hassle-free connectivity. No more worrying about device compatibility or additional gadgets to manage.

Don’t wait for hours in a queue once you pass Japan’s immigration waiting in line to collect or rent your Pocket WiFi Japan. With our Japan Travel eSIM you can start using your phone as soon as the plane lands on the tarmac! There’s no need to pre-authorize your credit card for a Pocket WiFi Japan rental, or fill in piles of paper work. Simply purchase your eSIM from NorthSIM and it get’s sent to your email instantly!

More Cost Effective than a Pocket WiFi Japan:

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the NorthSIM eSIM takes the lead. Hiring a Pocket WiFi Japan device often involves daily rental fees, which can quickly add up, especially for longer trips. On the other hand, the NorthSIM eSIM offers competitive pricing with flexible data plans. You pay only for the data you use, avoiding unnecessary expenses. All costs are prepaid – there are no unexpected end of trip charges for damage, late return or anything else!

Reliability and Coverage:

Traveling through Japan’s vast landscapes demands reliable connectivity. The NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM operates on Japan’s leading network providers, ensuring extensive coverage across the country. Whether you’re exploring bustling cities or remote rural areas, you can rely on the NorthSIM eSIM to keep you connected, allowing for seamless navigation, translation, and staying in touch with loved ones.

Travelling in a big group? There will be moments where you want to break apart from your mates and see Tokyo for yourself! This might not always be possible with a Pocket WiFi Japan as you will need to stay within range with your travelling group to receive connectivity and reception! With a NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM you can break out and explore the shopping offered by Shibuya, the gadgets in Akhibara or the fashion in Harajuku!

No Credit Cards Requred

Many Pocket WiFi Japan companies will require you to pay using a credit card and they will pre-authorise a charge onto your credit card (debit cards and cash are not accepted). With NorthSIM’s Japan Travel SIM, you can pay using PayPal credit or debit, or even PayPal’s Pay in 4! No credit card no worries!

When you rent a pocket WiFi device you may need to provide a copy of your passport and preauthorise your credit card for any damages or non return of the pocket WiFi device. Our Japan Travel eSIM has no ID registration requirements and we do not preauthorise your credit card. Everything is prepaid and upfront!


Every moment counts when exploring a new destination. With the NorthSIM eSIM, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent picking up and returning pocket WiFi devices. Upon arrival in Japan, simply activate the eSIM, and you’re instantly connected. No more waiting in line or dealing with complicated setup instructions.

Conclusion – don’t get a Pocket WiFi Japan:

In the realm of travel connectivity, the NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM triumphs over hiring a pocket WiFi device. Its convenience, cost-effectiveness, reliability, coverage, flexibility, and time-saving features make it the ultimate choice for travelers seeking seamless connectivity in Japan. Experience the freedom to explore, stay connected, and create lasting memories without the burden of managing additional devices. Choose the NorthSIM Japan Travel eSIM and unlock a world of possibilities on your Japanese adventure.