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northsim.com is 100% Australian owned and based in Sydney, Australia!

Founded in 2017 northsim.com was started to ensure that which ever country our friends and families visit they can stay connected. Our philosophy is that once you land you should be able to start your holiday. That means no lining up at the currency exchange kiosk and definitely no searching for a mobile carrier service. Usually this means that travelers usually end up with shocking phone bills once they come home.

With our travel SIMs, you can get them delivered to your door before you even step foot on the plane. Once you land:

  1. Swap it (your old SIM for our one)
  2. Plug it (plug it into your phone)
  3. Be on your way

Hassle free, and because everything is prepaid, you won’t come home to a ridiculous bill! Don’t wait any long visit our shop now!

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